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Types of Healthcare Contracts and NHS Tenders You Can Win

October 2021

Types of Healthcare Contracts and NHS Tenders You Can Win

The NHS spends around £27 billion every year on healthcare tenders – but they don’t just purchase pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

As one of the biggest employers in the world, the NHS requires a huge infrastructure to maintain its operations with thousands of NHS contracts and NHS tenders up for grabs.

Therefore, they are always in the market for a wide range of goods and services from suppliers.

Here are examples of NHS England and healthcare contracts which are available in 2021:

  • Electronic patient record systems
  • Shared or integrated care records
  • IT services and cyber security
  • Digital tools and analytics
  • Tools and applications that support direct patient care
  • Surveys
  • Workforce development
  • Transformation and change support expert advice and management to design and build the necessary infrastructures for integrated care systems
  • Patient empowerment and activation – services and technologies to help patients manage their own health and wellbeing
  • System optimisation improved care models, patient flow solutions, digitisation etc
  • System assurance support provision of measurements, models and benchmarks to measure and manage quality, cost and clinical outcomes
  • Medicines optimisation provision of support to develop, implement and deliver strategies to deliver improved outcomes from medicines

Some of the biggest and most recognisable firms in the UK and beyond supply these services to the NHS along with thousands of smaller sub-contractors.

These include Deloitte, IBM, Ipsos MORI, KPMG, PA Consulting Group, Philips Electronics and Siemens among many others. There are also countless SMEs who are part of the NHS supply chain.

And with hundreds of new healthcare tenders going live every day it’s more important than ever to stay head of the competition.

Why is now an important time for healthcare tenders?

The UK Government agreed to boost NHS spending by a further £36.6bn which means, inevitably, more NHS tenders will go live in 2022.

They have also committed to award 33% of public contracts to SME meaning now is the perfect time for smaller companies to get their foot in the door and supply their goods and services.

In January, UK health sector buyers published 736 contract notices, with the value of these healthcare contracts ranging from over £1 billion to less than £100,000, so the opportunities for suppliers to work in the health sector are plentiful and lucrative.

Even as the COVID-pandemic subsides, the NHS and wider global health industry will continue to spend billions on procuring goods and services to maintain their day-to-day operations.

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