What is Market Analytics?

We are proud to present Market Analytics, the newest addition to our Health Contracts International portfolio. Market Analytics is a powerful visual data analytics tool that allows you to gather deeper consumer insights, optimize your marketing objectives, and get a better return on investment.

    What's Included

    Market Sizing Optimize your bid-to-win strategy

    Learn the past, present, and future health procurement landscape. View relevant trends and data on growth opportunities, market size and key players in the defence industry.

    Customer Analysis Effectively recognise potential customers

    Navigate the health procurement landscape, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its evolution, current state, and future prospects. Discover insightful trends, growth opportunities, market size, and influential industry leaders.

    Competitor Analysis Be in front of known and "unknown" competitions

    Identify your competitors, their product and service portfolios, target market, and sales approach. Gain market knowledge and position yourself strategically for success.

    Early Engagement Ensure the long-term effectiveness of your bids

    Utilise data-driven intelligence to make informed choices about health  procurement opportunities and establish crucial connections with key buyers.

    Market Analytics Core

    Also available as an add-on


    Shared data space "dashboard"
    User friendly pre-set queries
    Real-time search on “point in time” queries
    Pre-defined executive summaries of key data
    CSV download for each predefined section
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    Market Analytics Pro

    Also available as an add-on for HCI Packages


    Unique, customized space
    Completely editable
    Unlimited bespoke profiles and queries that can be saved
    Drag and drop access to all data fields
    Advanced CSV export functionality
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