Dynamic Purchasing Systems & Public Sector Frameworks

Securing a place on a public sector framework agreement is undoubtedly one of the best ways to increase new business opportunities and gain invaluable experience working with public sector buyers. Winning a place on a framework agreement can be particularly lucrative for businesses and result in a long-standing, prosperous relationship with the public sector. Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) operate in a similar manner to frameworks but with the difference that suppliers are able to join or leave at any point during the life of the DPS.

    Develop longstanding relationships with public sector buyers

    Find and win: HCI allows you to search for and easily find framework notices to which you can apply. Similarly, you can discover previous frameworks and develop a greater understanding of buyer history and requirements.

    Access to everything: Continued access to all DPS requirement documents allows suppliers straightforward access to work with the public sector.

    Discover. Engage. Win.

    Access call-off notices and awards

    Identify any competitors that have won places on any DPS or Framework

    You can identify opportunities within the supply chain