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How to Tender in the Healthcare Supply Market

February 2022

The Healthcare Sector, particularly in the UK, is awash with some of the most lucrative contract opportunities available.

Did you know that the NHS, which accounts for 80 per cent of total healthcare spend, is associated with £27 billion worth of annual spend?

The beauty of fulfilling public sector contracts, especially if we consider hospital contracts and healthcare supply, is that people will always require healthcare, and in order for the government to provide this, they will always need goods and services.

Looking ahead, the government has pledged to increase funding for the NHS while, also overhauling health and social care, all of which only spells good news for those working within the hospital and healthcare supply chain, with the number of opportunities set to grow steadily.

Between January and October 2021, the number of contract awards signed in the UK healthcare sector sat at more than 6,000. Awardees ranged from medical equipment supply businesses providing diagnostic technology to organisations delivering training programmes and energy efficiency consultancy – highlighting just how dynamic the range of opportunities within the healthcare supply market is.

However, for businesses considering putting themselves out there to win a public sector contract in healthcare, one of the biggest questions they need answered is: how do I win a healthcare supply contract? So, in this blog, we’re going to explore how to do it.

How to get a contract with a hospital or a healthcare provider

There are a number of things you need to be aware of when bidding for healthcare supply contracts and you should attempt to follow these if you aim to be successful.

Analyse tender structure

Are you confident that you know everything that the tender entails? Double check the ways in which the tender is structured and if different elements of the opportunity are grouped together. If this is the case, then be sure before completing your tender application that you’re able to fulfil what is required. Always read the tender documents and make sure you answer the questions they ask (not the ones you hope they will ask) before going on to offer extras or show the quality of your goods or services.

Patient care and protection through policies and procedures

The Department of Health and Social Care will do their utmost to ensure patient safety so they will need to be assured that your services aren’t going to impact the quality of care which they provide. This will mean a close check of your internal policies and procedures – are they up to date and are you carrying out regular training? If you aren’t at present, this may be something you wish to consider before submitting a tender application to become a healthcare or hospital contractor.

Prove your worth

If a tender response is going to succeed, it will need to be backed up by evidence to suggest that your organisation is capable of filling the position. Call upon previous customers for testimonials and build case studies using your previous work.


You need to stay ahead of your competition if you’re going to win healthcare and hospital contracts but, thanks to HCI, the hard part can be all but removed, through the help of AI & machine learning, industry expertise, the opportunity to engage early, and many other additional, exclusive features.

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