Bid Support Webinar Series

Learning and continuing to update knowledge is crucial when tendering to the public sector. HCI’s team of consultants not only have extensive experience of the regulations governing public sector procurement but are well versed all aspects of the marketplace and the tendering process. With an HCI subscription you will benefit from specially designed webinars that bring you up to speed on the tendering process.

  • Chapter 1 is titled “An Introduction to Public Sector Procurement” and is specifically designed to provide a full overview of how the public procurement process is structured.
  • Chapter 2 is titled “A Supplier’s Guide to the Public Contract Regulations” and is designed to deliver a non-legalistic explanation of the key areas within the regulations that contractors should be aware of, as well as provide insight into the latest interpretation.
  • Chapter 3 is titled “Preparing Perfect Tenders” and is designed to provide bidders with an understanding of what buyers are looking for when evaluating your bids and how you can enhance your bid’s chances of success.

Bid to Win

Bid to Win is a training programme designed for HCI and delivered by leading procurement experts at BiP Solutions. This detailed three-step process aims to help businesses win more public sector contracts.

Users will be required to complete a basic online assessment detailing recent bid history, internal processes, policies, and any other essential background information relating to the acquisition of contracts with the healthcare sector. Once completed, HCI will take the reins, review responses, and identify steps businesses should take. Finally, HCI will collaborate with users during a one-hour, online review session to discuss findings and develop a strategy for success.

Bid Review Discovery

This feature is designed to assist any business which is either new to the healthcare procurement marketplace or simply wants their processes reviewed in detail by our team of expert consultants.

Bid Support Discovery

Bid Support is designed to enhance success when tendering to the public sector healthcare marketplace, offering real-time support from one of our experienced procurement consultants. The support provided by the consultant can either be onsite or offsite and they will work closely with businesses to optimise tender responses prior to submission.

Bid Prepare Discovery

Bid Prepare is also aimed at both businesses that have never previously worked with the public sector and businesses that feel they would benefit from a thorough review of internal tendering processes. Bid Prepare involves an expert consultant carrying out a check of all the standard documents, policies and other materials that businesses need to have to tenders.

Cyber Essentials

Interested in winning more public sector contracts by highlighting your commitment to cyber security? Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry-supported scheme that ensures businesses are complying with mandatory requirements. Become certified through HCI.