Turbocharge Your Growth

Learning materials, consultancy, and industry experts provide know-how, business to healthcare marketing experts collaborate to develop a strategy certified to deliver results, and the innovative, market-leading features and business intelligence capabilities discussed here are guaranteed to ensure businesses are best placed to find and win healthcare tenders.

    Archive Data

    The contract and award information accessible via the HCI platform is extensive.

    HCI subscriptions include comprehensive data from the past five years. This spread of data helps users gain a better understanding of trends and events within the marketplace, as well as providing an opportunity to understand buyers and their previous purchasing history.

    Archive data is crucial in helping businesses engage early with buyers within the healthcare sector – unrestricted access to past purchasing helps prepare businesses for future tendering.

    Spend Analysis

    Data collated from more than 1,000 sources by HCI’s team of analysts allows access to competitor tendering information in one central hub.

    With HCI’s spend analysis function, businesses are able to:

    • Identify buyer spend patterns
    • Pinpoint current and potential opportunities
    • Make detailed comparisons of spend patterns by both buyers and suppliers at various levels including sector and location
    • Develop your business strategy and actively update your sales pipeline through accurate, real-time marketplace insight

    With HCI, businesses are granted access to all the aforementioned information and a personalised dashboard along with individual spend analysis profiles, helping you differentiate various projects and missions.

    Public Sector Frameworks

    Securing a place on a public sector framework agreement is undoubtedly one of the best ways to increase new business opportunities and gain invaluable experience working with public sector buyers. Winning a place on a framework agreement can be particularly lucrative for businesses and result in a long-standing, prosperous relationship with the public sector.

    HCI’s Public Sector Frameworks’ model features a number of core features and benefits:

    • Search for and easily find framework notices to which you can apply
    • Discover previous frameworks and develop a greater understanding of buyer history and requirements
    • Access call-off notices and awards
    • Identify any competitors that have won places on particular frameworks
    • Detail any opportunities which may exist with private sector contractors working on frameworks

    Dynamic Purchasing Systems

    Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) operate in a similar manner to frameworks but with the difference that suppliers are able to join or leave at any point during the life of the DPS. DPS allows suppliers straightforward access to work with the public sector. HCI’s DPS programme means that:

    • You won’t miss any DPS opportunities
    • You can identify opportunities within the supply chain
    • You’ve got continued access to all DPS requirement documents
    • You can identify any competitors that are on a certain DPS
    • You can access call-off details for a DPS

    Much like frameworks, DPS allow businesses to develop and explore relationships with public sector buyers, effectively fuelling growth.

    Contact Pipeline

    Having worked with public sector buyers for more than 38 years, HCI has established an extensive portfolio of contacts within the healthcare marketplace which users can access, enhancing their competitive advantage.

    Tender Alerts

    With HCI’s real-time tender alerts service, relevant contract opportunities and award notices are delivered straight to your inbox, meaning you’re never going to miss out on those all-important business chances. Not only do you received daily alerts notifying you of published notices and awards, you’ll also be reminded to submit tender responses – the perfect feature for when you get waylaid.

    Thanks to HCI, you’ll have access to more healthcare tender opportunities than anyone else in Europe and, thanks to its machine learning capabilities, the software will also deliver alerts regarding notices, awards and opportunities based on your previous searches.

    Ability to Export

    Do you need to keep track of notices, awards and opportunities to present to the board or for future reference? Our export feature means you can do just that. Ultimately, HCI helps you streamline your processes and reduce time spent on tendering to the healthcare sector.

    Market Leads

    While our innovative Spend Analysis function allows you to keep tabs on competitor activity, Market Leads enables you to get one step ahead of them when it comes to the tendering process. Instant visibility of private sector leads, public sector framework opportunities, and pipeline contracts prior to the start of the tendering process allows you to:

    • Build a well-informed pipeline
    • Engage early with buyers
    • Consistently outperform your competition in tender response times

    Live Contract Only Search

    On certain occasions, we recognise that you will not be interested in prior awards and notices and that you will just want access to the contract notices that are live and awaiting your response. That’s why HCI features a filter that allows you to sift out all contracts that are not relevant to your requirements.

    Customisable Dashboard & Widgets

    HCI is built with you, the user, in mind. That’s why we’ve included the option of creating a fully personalised dashboard tailored to your business needs. This offering helps deliver a complete and accurate market overview and allows you to visualise refreshed options at the touch of a button.

    The dashboards are ergonomically designed and easy to interpret, providing the best possible user experience. Support with personalising and customising your dashboard will be provided during your one-on-one product tour.

    Customisable widgets are also something we recognised great value in introducing to HCI, with different customers demanding different snapshots of information when they arrive on the platform.

    Ultimately, we want to ensure that you are provided with the right options that allow you to win the right contracts for your business. Options include our top-ten opportunities widget, highlighting the most relevant notices for you, based on your previous search criteria, your interactions, and the machine learning data capture capabilities.

    Contact Reminders

    With HCI’s contact reminders function, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity again. Remain truly competitive within the healthcare procurement marketplace as we deliver you automated reminders to follow up on opportunities, putting you ahead of the rest.

    Dedicated Account Management

    An HCI subscription doesn’t stop with the handbook, the consultancy, the market solutions, and the extensive range of market-leading tools, and business intelligence.

    HCI offers continued support when it comes to using the product and submitting tenders to the healthcare sector from your own dedicated account manager. Our team of experts all have years of experience within the marketplace and are fully immersed in it.

    Global Coverage

    While we’re able to detail every UK tender available, we are also offering you access to Europe’s largest database via HCI but, that’s not all. Global healthcare tenders are available with our offering, meaning your business growth opportunities are astronomical and your search criteria are unrestricted by locality.